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Founding member of Iceni Ensemble, I teach students of all ages and skill levels on violin technique, repertoire, and musicality. Based in Teaneck, NJ I teach students in my studio in North Jersey or any location via the internet. I work hard to foster the creative spirit in students while simultaneously providing solid technical and classical training on the violin.

Students love my positive attitude and my commitment to music as a means of personal growth and self expression. An accomplished educator, chamber musician and violinist, I offer a simple and straight-forward perspective on the violin that is sure to inspire.

Skilled at adapting the violin to my great love of American Standards and other popular genres, I introduce students to the innovative and exciting roles that the violin can play in popular music and performance. 

Whether you have never picked up a violin before or are looking to grow your knowledge and skill level, I would love to teach you! Please contact me at   

Online Scheduling and Lessons Available

  • 201-981-3587

Four 1 hour violin lesson:  $240

Four 45 minute violin lesson:  $180

Four 30 minute violin lessons:  $120